Monday, January 7, 2013

The Best of the Best Articles of 2012

Best Articles of 2012 for The Crimp Chronicles
By The Crimp Chronicles Staff

We at The Crimp Chronicles are proud to have been serving you with amazing articles for over a year now. And just in case you missed some of them in 2012, or would like to revisit some, we have collected the most popular articles for each of our columns below. Thank you for being such loyal readers and we can't wait to write for you in 2013!

Best Ethics Article Photo
Climbing With The Pros
The Do's & Donts of Rock Climbing
Introduction to OutDoor Climbing Ethics
The Do's & Donts of Rock Climbing II
Outdoor Ethics While Rope Climbing

Best Meet Article
Eugene Hoberg
The Crimp Chronicles Team
Sandra Chun & Howard Sherman
Maha & Nadine Karaze
Davis Stewart & Patrick Murphy

Best Perfect Weekends Photo
Perfect Weekends
Soldier's Creek
Wekiwa Springs State Park
Amicalola Falls
Juniper Springs
Canaveral National Seashore

Best Hang Outs 2012 photo
Hang Outs
The Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar
Tako Cheena & Pom Pom's
Extra Large Gallery & Stardust Lounge
Ivanhoe District & Twelve 21 Gallery

Best Misplaced Muscle Photo
Misplaced Muscle/Training
Pocket Preparation
Skin Care Pt. II
Misplaced Muscle - May 2012
Skin Care Pt. I
Misplaced Muscle - April 2012

Best VOLUMES 2012 Cover
Presenting: "VOLUMES .001"
"VOLUMES .004"
"VOLUMES .005"
"VOLUMES .002" - Total Bummer 3D
"VOLUMES .006"

Gear Geek - The Futura
Gear Geek
La Sportiva Futura
Aiguille Trucker Hats, Organic Crash Pad, Chalk Bags, and Chalk Buckets
Metolius Project Hangboard
Black Diamond's Camalot X4 Series
The Futura is Now

Alex Honnold Solo Triple Teaser
Tony Reynaldo Shaping
Jason Kehl - Roughing Out
PETZL Roc Trip China 2011 - The Official Movie
Tick Marks & Poops

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