Monday, January 7, 2013

Perfect Weekends - O-Dub

By Kayla Baker

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this New Year continues to bring happiness and love for all of you climbers out there. Along with the new 2013 year, you may have some new goals or interests or even fears you would like to overcome. In this month’s column, we are going to take a trip to O-Dub, the premier slider park in the world. The perfect place to get over a fear of water, try something new, or just get out there and have some fun on the water; the Orlando Watersports Complex is calling your name. Whether you’re an experienced wakeboarder or skier, or even if it’s your first time trying a water sport, the OWC will give you exactly what you need to have an insane amount of fun in the sun!

After being around for thirteen years, riders from all over the world come to Orlando to experience this park, from wakeboarding to wakeskating and kneeboarding to waterskiing this park has it all. There are two different areas in the OWC: The Beginner/Intermediate Cable Park and the Advanced Slider Park. The Cable Park is used for “slalom skiing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, trick skiing, or skiing with 2 skis”. It is a competition standard course with the cables running at an average 18 miles per hour. Although this cable can speed up to 36 miles per hour for those more advanced skiers. In fact, teams from all over the nation come to the Orlando Watersports Complex to train in the colder months, providing world class coaching! But do not fear, the very dedicated and experienced staff will always be enthusiastic to help out first-timers or beginners.

The Advanced Slider Park is used for wakeboarding and wakeskating, which runs at 20 miles per hour with 8 obstacles. These obstacles include: “two launch ramps, kicker, flat bar, table-top, a-frame, barrel, and the new funbox.” At this park there is a shorter rope, which means that riders can get some crazy air, as much at 35 feet of air! Something really awesome about this cable is that there are lights on it so you can ride at night in the summer!

When you come to the OWC, you can bring your own board if you own one, or rent one at the Pro Shop for the Cable Park. When you come to ride, expect to spend as much time as you want on the lake. Because of the size of the park and the OWC having two cableways (which is the only facility in the nation to have two cableways), there is no limit to how much time you can spend on the water. In addition, just like how Aiguille Rock Climbing Center constantly changes our routes and problems, the Orlando Watersports Complex is always changing sliders and making them the best they can be. OWC also provides towboats (Nautique boats) that are available to use everyday.

So if you are looking for a something new to try in the New Year, or a new place to ride, check out the OWC for some a great day of fun and excitement!
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