Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gear Geek - Black Diamond Primrose Harness

By Lauren Day

The Black Diamond Primrose Harness is a women's specific fit harness with ample padding to keep you comfy after a long day climbing.

Like I said, the padding is supportive, but most importantly, it's breathable. Unlike many other padded harnesses on the market, this harness does a pretty good job of keeping your back and legs ventilated and sweat free on hot days. The women's specific cut of the waist portion of the harness is cut to fit women's hips much more comfortably and more securely than a standard unisex harness. There are four gear loops and a haul loop on the back. The leg loops are adjustable as well as droppable.

There are a few cons to this harness though. It is a little on the heavy side, so if you're looking for a lightweight harness for a long multipitch, this may not be your match. Also, after awhile of belaying, the leg loops to become a little uncomfortable.

The Primrose is a great harness if you're just starting out or if you're looking for a bargain, starting at around $49. No need to worry gents! This harness also comes in a male/ unisex version called the Momentum.

Both of these harnesses come in a few different versions as well. There is the standard Primrose or Momentum, a speed adjust version which eliminates the need to double back your harness (Primrose SA and Momentum SA), and also packages which include the harness as well as a chalkbag, a refillable chalk sock, a Black Diamond Pearbiner screwlock carabiner, and an ATC. The package is available in either the regular or SA versions for around $99.

The Momentum version of the harness as well as the momentum SA Package are both available in our retail are! Stop by, ask us questions, and try one on today! Who knows, it could be your next harness!
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