Monday, August 5, 2013

Gear Geek - Arc'teryx R-275 LT and S-220 LT

 By Aubrey Wingo

We love to bring new products to Aiguille, but in this case, it's also a new brand!  Aiguille is proud to announce that now carry two Arc'teryx harnesses: the R-275 LT and the S-220 LT.  I'm sure you're reading this saying those are the lamest names on the planet, but in actuality they are very resourceful!

Arc-teryx harnesses are famous for their WST or  “Warp Strength Technology”.  This WST allows the wearer to equally distribute the “pressure from edge to edge”, which creates a much more comfortable fit.  This technology also allows for a much lighter material.  In fact, remember when I said that the harness names are creative?  The R-275 LT, is approximately 275 grams, and the S-220 is approximately 220 grams.  You can learn a lot more about the technology of Arc’teryx’s harnesses by checking out the video below!

Getting into the specifics, the R-275 LT harness is probably considered to be Arc’teryx’s most popular harnesses.  The R standing for “rock” or “rock climbing” labels the harness as “perfect for exploring the world of rock climbing and trying some mountaineering”.  A medium sized swami belt uses their WST for ultimate comfort and their patented VaporMesh material is used in the leg loops for excellent breathability in any warm weather climbing.  Buckles are self locking and made of 7075 T6 anodized aluminum.  Arc’teryx has taken extra care to make sure that this harness is perfect for all around climbing, but more so for the times you are hanging and putting the most weight on its material.  I have only heard wonderful things about this harness, but for great comfort, prepare to fish out some dough at $125.  If you ask owners, it’s worth every penny!

The S-220 LT harnesses is the multi color madness perfect for the hard core sport climber.  At only 220 grams, this harness feels like air in your hands.  The lightest Arc’teryx harnesses made, the S stands for sport climbing minimalist, needing every spare gram for their redpoint send.  Also using WST and VaporMesh, the S-220 also uses a thermoformed tie-in point add strength to that critical area.  Buckles are self locking and made of 7075 T6 anodized aluminum.  The one big addition (or in this case, subtraction) that the S-220 has where the R-275 differs is the use of only two gear loops, but a little larger than most.  As sport climbers require less gear, and with that less weight, fewer gear loops are going to be needed.  This harness has won Product of the Month: Alpin Magzine and the Urban Climber Editor’s Choice Award and at a reasonable $99.50, any serious climber will enjoy the lightweight comfort the SS-220 LT provides.

Stay tuned for more gear updates and if you ever want to see a product or submit a custom order, you can contact our retail managers at
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