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Gear Geek - Petzl Sama and Luna Harnesses

Petzl Luna Harness
By Aubrey Wingo

Petzl is known for its sleek and innovative design, especially in its harnesses. The Petzl Sama (built for men) and Luna (built for women) have become iconic staples in the climbing community, worn by athletes such as Sasha DiGiulian, Chris Sharma, and Dave Graham. The great aspect of Petzl’s company is that each year, you don’t have new models of new items that you have to read all about; Petzl makes their current product even better.

Petzl Sama Harness

Aiguille has carried the Sama and Luna for many years now and are happy to begin carrying the 2013 models of these amazing products. Along with the Selena and the Adjama, the 2013 harness line includes EndoFrame contrusction, allowing for optimal weight distrubitlion. “The waistbelt is wider on the sides. The interior straps are doubled in the waistbelt and the leg loops. The seams in the waistbelt avoid creating hard points and chafing.” All harness models have reinvented the DoubleBack buckles to be more lightweight as well as easier to manipulate. With the Luna, this is amazing because, as a current Luna owner, I always found that the leg loop buckles were much harder to adjust. The gear loops on these models are very innovative as well; “The rigid equipment loops at the front of the harness allow easy and quick access to equipment. The flexible equipment loops, positioned in the rear, avoid the pressure points created when wearing a pack.”

The Sama is advertised as the ideal sport climbing harness for men. The fixed elastic leg loops remain adjusted and offer freedom of movement while redpointing your favorite project. Petzl, as they typically do when remodeling their equipment line, has also changed the color palette of the Sama from a not-so-popular Sandstone (similar to a Red Rocks type of orange) to a more gender neutral red. The Luna is actually advertised as an ideal harness for mountaineering and ice climbing because of the adjustable leg loops for quick and easy adjustment. However, it has quickly become a favorite amongst Aiguille climbers. It is specifically built for a female body and is very comfortable with specific stitch that limits hard points and chafing. In its new form, the color hasn’t changed very much from the 2012 model, which Petzl dubbed Jade Green (even though the harness wasn’t jade and wasn’t green at all but a nice teal color) to the 2013 model, which is now an accurate color description of turquoise.

We actually still have the 2013 and 2012 models of these harnesses so make sure to pick up your very own today. For more information, check out this video produced by Petzl.

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