Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Misplaced Muscle - Dreams Vs. Goals

Misplaced Muscle - Dreams Vs. Goals
By Jess Jenkins

As children our imagination runs wild. We are innocent and naïve. Yet free and confident. One day, we swear we will be an astronaut. The next, a superhero like the ones from our favorite show. A day later something entirely new. Young minds driven by hundreds of ideas, yet each one presented with as much conviction as the last.

Dreams vs. goals. Are they completely different concepts, related or one in the same? What's your opinion? The word dream is commonly associated with fantasy and brings thoughts outside "reality." Goals, on the other hand, are something we must work towards, but are within reach ( inside "reality" ).

In my opinion, a dream is the ultimate goal. We need to use goals as stepping stones that bring the edges of fantasy and reality together. The key is making progress checkpoints with the big picture remaining your focus. Anyone who says it's impossible or never going to happen is just making excuses not to try. How do you think society invented all the ground breaking technology we have today, how athletes rise to the top or people become the best of the best. They take their "childish dreams" and make them real.

In climbing, I have found that making monthly objectives for yourself to achieve helps mark progress, keeps your attitude positive and your vision in sight. You should also consider writing them down and placing them where you will see them, bright as day. Because the more you recall the target, the greater chance the arrow will find its way. In other words, you have to continuously remind yourself of your ambition. The harder you work the more likely you are to succeed. In addition, this allows time to determine if this is your true desire and make adjustments to your program if need be. Without our mind having small accomplishments along the way we tend to lose motivation, as our destination fades farther into the distance simultaneously.

No matter what you do, goal setting is an important factor in excelling. Life, literally, is what you make it, overall, let your ultimate goal be as free as the imagination of a child, make progressive goals that are realistic and create a bridge to what seems to be untouchable.

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