Friday, November 9, 2012

Hang Outs - BART

BART at Mills Avenue Orlando
By Ryann Lugo

Here's a question: What do you get when you combine delicious craft beers, really cool urban art, arcade games, and friendly, down to earth bar owners? BART, that's what. After only being open for a couple months, this "bartcade" (bar + art + arcade) located on Mills Avenue has been generating quite a buzz within the Orlando scene. And that's because it's awesome!

"Chradrian" (owners Chris Brown + Adrian Brown) like to keep it real with arcade games that will take you way back - like, back to a time when you were sneaking cookies from the kitchen and putting firecrackers in your little sister's doll house (or maybe you still do that). And the best part about it is: They're FREE (coke products included, for you non-drinkers and under-aged)! So, stay on your toes, Kevin Flynn. You never know when the games will rotate, but you can always expect classics that you love, like Tron, TMNT and Tempest. In the house right now is Centipede, Asteroids, Frogger, Pinball, Joust 2, Burgertime, and Street Fighter II.

Arcade Machines at BART on Mills

As if classic arcade games isn't enough to get you hyped, BART also features some of the tastiest bottled craft beers. Weekly specials include:
- Fish out of water Wednesdays - $2 off ALL Hitachino Nest beers and tasty nom-noms, fresh out of the Fish Out of Water Sushi Food Truck!
- Seasonal Sundays - $1 off Seasonal Drinks on Sunday.
- Nightly Special - $2 tallboy PDRs and $3 Yuenglings

Hang in there, Donkey Kong. It gets way more awesome-er. BART is also a legit, bonafied gallery. It's so legit that it's equipped with its own curator, keeping a keen eye out for arcade-themed artwork, with an urban/abstract style, and made by Orlando artists. New artwork rotates about every 4-6 weeks. So, go check it out and keep your eyes open for the next gallery opening to welcome new artists.

Along with the many other good things happening with BART, there is also "Mind the Gap project," a non-profit, community-based charity group, organized by local artists and volunteers, working to inspire a movement of positive change within the community. The group raises money through silent art auctions and various other events in order to help those in need in the Orlando/Central Florida area. "The ultimate goal," says the collective voice of "GAP", "is to change the culture to that of one that assists without thought and acts without selflessness." The group is looking for volunteers from all skill sets, with the same ideals of goodwill, altruism, and philanthropy. So if you would like to get involved, stay tuned for the next "GAP" event at BART.

So, as you can see, BART is more than just a bar. It's a family business, dedicated to bringing you arcade games that you loved as a kid, as well as fresh Orlando art and fresh Orlando beer. And, oh, yeah, did I mention: Games are free! For the time being, at least, as there is rumor that this might someday change but, for now, enjoy! Stay up to date with BART by liking them on Facebook.

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