Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gear Geek - Aiguille Trucker Hats, Organic Crash Pad, Chalk Bags, and Chalk Buckets

Organic Chalk Bags
By Aubrey Wingo

In this issue of Gear Geek, we are happy to present you with four brand new Aiguille retail products: Organic’s Chalk Bags, Lunch Bag Chalk Buckets, Simple Pad Crash Pad and Aiguille’s very own Trucker Hat!

Organic Products
Organic Climbing, a small business based in Laramie, WY, specializes in bouldering products, namely crash pads, chalk bags, buckets, and their own clothing. What makes this company so unique is that they strive in customer service and beyond, allowing customers to choose their own color schemes to produce one of a kind items. With this business practice, the gear no longer becomes just utilitarian, but its own piece of art. As their company page says, they “believe in promoting individuality and are inspired by the underground art scene.”

We currently carry the Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket and Chalk Bag. The Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket, made of a burly 1000d nylon fabric, remains stiff, keeping the bucket upright and prevents chalk spillage. With this bucket, don’t worry about breaking your draw cord! “The bad seals with a 3/4” hook and loop then rolls down and clips like a boater’s dry bag.” Coming in a wide array of bright, fantastic colors, you’re sure to look stylish while having a fully functional chalk bucket and have less of a chance of losing it!

Organic Climbing takes pride in what they call “the ultimate all-around chalk bag.” Trying many different sewing patterns and testing them with friends, Organic’s chalk bag comes in two different sizes (of which we carry the Large), and also in many different color combinations, and even screen-printed designs! The draw cord closure has been placed so it ensures minimal chalk spillage and the same stiff qualities that the Lunch Bucket has with an easy-to-chalk opening to fit all different hand sizes. No need for a carabiner either as it comes with its own chalk belt.

Organic Simplepad Crash Pad

Last but not least by any means is our brand new crash pad in stock, Organic’s Simple Pad, a streamlined version of their Full Pad. It is 36” x 48” x 4” so it is very convenient for packing into your car and carrying it to the crag, whether you’re a man or woman. To also assist the different carrying comforts of both men and women, or tall and small, the Simple Pad has adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable suspension system. Ladies, this means that you won’t have a crash pad soaring above your head, or hitting you in the back of the knees. The Simple Pad also has the Hybrid Hinge technology, preventing small rocks from coming through the center. The foam is probably the best feature of this pad, having an almost memory foam-like quality but still firm enough to support the weight and force of big falls. Organic pads are customizable in colors and design, but we went for the simple flat blue for complete functionality. We only have one so get prepared for bouldering season this fall now. SuperTopo does great crash pad reviews too, check out their video here.

Also, check out Josh Helke, owner and founder of Organic Climbing, and his Company Overview here:

Aiguille Trucker Hats
Aiguille staff rockin' the Aiguille Trucker Hats
Made for our member appreciation and annual summer event, the Heat Wave, Aiguille introduces its first hat to join the retail proshop. This embroidered piece of fashion statement was designed by Alex Velandia and office staff to bring a new summer look to our logo and presented in the Heat Wave font. Black in color, the Aiguille Trucker hat is mesh in the back for hot day breathability but stylish enough to rock to the nearest club, party or just hanging around the house. Don’t worry parents! The kids can wear them too. Aiguille Trucker Hats are adjustable for the largest and smallest noggins.

So if you’re looking for a new accessory to match your every day garb, pick up an Aiguille Trucker hat before we’re out. Lightweight, durable, and with a perfect flexible brim, they’re only around $15. To try one out, just check them out as you check in: you can’t miss them!

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