Monday, July 2, 2012

"VOLUMES .004"

Artwork for VOLUMES .004
By Guillermo Casanova

We live in Orlando and we love to climb, so we’re already pretty screwed, but it is this mutual pain that binds us together as a community. Lacking mountains or boulders to climb on, we search for other forms of entertainment outside of the gym. Because of this, we created VOLUMES; a series of music compilations curated by yours truly, meant to showcase fresh music from talented artists right here in our local community. Like always, you may download the full compilation for free here or stream below.

Talent is all around us, and we get too much bad rep of being known as a cultural wasteland, where nothing interesting ever happens and where all one can find is Mickey Mouse, suburbs, and clubs. Volumes is an attempt to give local talent much deserved light by bringing it to fellow Floridians, with the goal of strengthening connections in the community and making you aware Florida is booming with activity.

We hope you enjoy exploring the work of these musicians, go to their shows, get out there and show that Florida is not a place of mass exodus, but the place to be. So whether you are climbing, working out or just chillin’, these sounds are sure to enhance whatever situation you might find yourself in.

Download the compilation here, or stream below.

Hot summer jams for your listening pleasure.

Hundred Waters - “Me & Anodyne” (Gainesville)
Spies On Bikes - “Ancient Ways” (Tampa)
Khan Kurra - “River Gods" (Tallahassee)
The Naked Howl - “Albedo of Your Eyes” (Deland)
GRANT - “Mystery Challenger” (Orlando)
Ben Varian - "Surrounded By Beards" (Tallahassee)
Bayatas - "the sound of seventeen" (Miami)
JSHIH - “melt me” (Orlando)
Fruit Flesh - “Corrective Lenses” (Tallahassee)

Download the compilation here.

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