Sunday, June 3, 2012

"VOLUMES .003"

By Guillermo Casanova
We are excited to present to you the third installment in our highly acclaimed VOLUMES series. For this month we feature sounds from all over Florida: Pensacola, St. Augustine, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Jacksonville, and, of course, Orlando. Like previous VOLUMES you will find a variety of styles from hard-hitting glitch-hop, infectious electro-pop, spacey futurebass, and dreampop to wild psychedelic dance rock. You may download the full compilation here or stream below.

Last month we told you about the joy ride of a festival that was Total Bummer 3D, this month it is all about the Relief In Abstract: Echo Expression Showcase happening on Saturday, June 9th right here in Orlando. This one-night event will have music from local artists, many of which we have covered in previous installments, accompanied with visual arts with the goal of raising funds to support the independent and local music scene and give local artists a louder voice in the community. A goal that VOLUMES is most certainly behind. For tickets and information you may visit their website at

"We’re echoing their passion, and hoping to push their expression to a greater level. We want their talent to be shared with the world." - Relief In Abstract Records

You may stream the compilation below or download the full compilation for free here.Once again, we hope you have fun exploring the work of these musicians, go to their shows, get out there and show that Florida is booming with activity.

ChromaData - “Space Monkey” (St. Augustine)
JSHIH - "Monica - Get It Off (JSHIH's Barcelona 92 Remix)" (Orlando)
Kodak To Graph – “Zolembu” (Pensacola)
GLAMST!CK – “Mango Hair” (Orlando)
TELETHON – “No Food Or Drink” (Orlando)
Oh Fortuna – “Might Mountain” (Gainesville)
Unouomedude – “Frequency II” (Jacksonville)
Moonlasso – “Stand In” (Tallahassee)
SALES - "Welcome Home" (Orlando)
Fortune Howl – “This Too Shall pass” (Orlando)

You may download the full compilation for free here.

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