Monday, April 2, 2012

Gear Geek – La Sportiva Futura

La Sportiva Futura

By Lauren Day

The moment all of you have been waiting for has arrived…the release of the La Sportiva Futura. For those of you who are diehard fans of the Solutions, Sportiva’s most popular and best selling shoe, you may take quite a liking to this new kid on the block too.

The Futura combines the comfortable sock-like P3 support system and Velcro closure of the beloved Solutions with the cutting edge (no pun intended) “no-edge technology” and super sensitivity of the Speedster. At only 8oz., the shoes are pretty lightweight, meaning you won’t expel any unnecessary energy on the wall. The mid sole is only 1mm thick, giving you the ability to control the shoe without having the shoe fight you. The 3mm of Vibram XS Grip2 sticky rubber means that you have increased sensitivity on holds. Sportiva suggests that these shoes are best when used for overhanging boulder problems, or on really overhung and super challenging trad climbing.

Since these haven’t been released to the public yet, I’ll let you decide for yourselves if the Futura will be your new go-to shoe. The shoes are supposed to be released early this month, so look for the sleek new Futuras in our retail area soon!
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  1. Size them down at least a half size to a size. They will stretch/mold to your foot. I've talked to many climbers at SS in Atlanta that have had this happen. Example: I typically wear a 40.5 in Solutions and I tried on a pair of Futuras the other day and went down to a 39.5. If you need help slipping them on use the waxy paper in the box and wrap your heel. Slides in like BUTTAH!

    -Andy Sva