Monday, April 2, 2012

Hang Outs - The Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar

By Ryann Lugo

What do you do when you're not climbing? As thrill-seekers, us climbers like to think that we always have something fun up our sleeves, even though most of us will admit that we have found ourselves at home picking our noses on our night off. Perhaps this is a frequent occasion as of late. Well, friends, I am here to tell you that your nose-picking nights are no longer necessary! There is a whole other world out there full of art, entertainment, and culture - Orlando Culture.

Whether you categorize yourself as a hipster, a nerd, a punk-rocker, or just down right open-minded, this column is geared towards finding somewhere fun for you to hang out, a new place to feed yourself and your need to discover new scenes. How it works: Every month I will give a run-down of some of the most interesting joints - the underground places you were afraid to try, or some of the more popular ones you've always wanted to try but just need some motivation to do so.

Each month I'll focus on a certain area, particularly in Orlando, and talk about those places based on mine and others’ experiences. The cool part is you can comment on these places and your opinions will contribute to the general pool of opinion and conversation floating around. It's interactive, you see. Here it goes…


Parents, don't be wary of the name. The Drunken Monkey is not a bar, but a distinctly cultured coffee shop - and one of the most appraised in the area. It’s “A COFFEE JUNKIE'S PARADISE...": Equipped with free Wi-Fi (a must) and an imaginative food selection - delicious vegan nom-noms, quiches, grilled wraps, paninis, soups, and much more! The coffee is top shelf only and, as an eco-minded generation, you might be happy to know that it's all fair trade, organic, or from Rain Forest Alliance Certified coffee farms. They also can recycle your to-go cups and bottles!

What you might say on your first visit (and one of my first thoughts upon pulling into the parking lot) is "Sweet! They have a drive thru." Yes, they are not only eco-friendly and culturally savvy, but they are convenient and cater to those days when we are so caffeine-deprived and lazy that we couldn't possibly pull ourselves out of the car. On the occasion that you do go inside, you'll find friendly staff, a super laid-back atmosphere, and an all-inclusive vibe. It's certainly not your polished Starbucks scene, with its comfy couches, wobbly chairs, thrift-store tables, and a stack of love-tattered board games. Art by local artists line the walls and you can get savvy on local bands and shows by browsing their collection of flyers.

If the description isn't inviting enough, they host a variety of different fun meet-up groups/activities throughout the week. Science Fiction writers can get together and transmit their sub-space coordinates, or perhaps help each other recalibrate their neural diagnostic system or whatever else it is that us nerds like to do. And who doesn't like a good game night? Get together with other board game lovers and play! The Drunken Monkey is even involved in professional sports! Check out their webpage for more info or like them on their Facebook page.

Want more ideas or looking for something more "underground?" Coming up are more reviews on coffee shops, galleries, lounges, and all kinds of other places. There is much more to explore in this area, so stay tuned!

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  1. great post, i love this place!
    looking forward to more posts! (maybe a gallery one next?...)

  2. Awesome article! This business is crazy good. I went on a date here and played with their board games while eating om noms. Their themed nights are ridiculous, in a spectacular way. XD Love this place! Glad they are being recognized! <3

  3. Thanks you guys! I definitely want to review a gallery in the near future. I was going to do Substance, off of Mills, but they apparently shut down. :/ Any galleries that you have in mind?

  4. I go to Drunken Monkey every single day. I might have a problem.