Monday, October 24, 2011

Hang Board and Crash Pad Sale!!

By Ryann Lugo and Alex Velandia

Cooler weather means bouldering season has arrived! Prepare yourself by taking home one of our new hang boards and crash pads that are on sale at irresistible bargains.


Our new hangboards are equipped with a variety of useful features for training and building finger strength, including a SoiLL "Livingood Board" which is currently marked down 20%! This hang-board comes in bright orange and its rough resin texture is great for building calluses. It's merciless when it comes to working crimps offering a sharp half pad ledge, dead center, with a less painful full pad option on the sides. The top of this board includes a barely in-cut sloper ledge to hang on, with mini jugs on either side. Below the two finger and four finger pockets, that litter the face of the board, are two very unforgiving pinches which once turned upside down offer an even worse sloper option. This hang-board is reversible to give you either a positive or negative surface. It's perfect to hang from any door frame and makes finger conditioning most convenient. (Here's a hint to hanging this beast, it's a bit heavier so make sure you always screw these into studs of the walls and ask BEFORE you drill.)

Our a black and yellow "V3 Hangboard," by the Detroit Rock Climbing Company, is a perfect complement to any small apartment due to its low profile and ability to be hung on screws above a door frame or anyplace when your legs can swing. Although small, it has many features. The largest grips on the board are mini jugs located on each end on the top and the smallest is a half-pad crimp on the bottom. The texture gives a little bit of friction, but not much. This one is definitely not for the light of heart.

For those Bob Marley fans (wink, wink) check out our Rastafarian themed "V5.12 Hangboard," by the Detroit Rock Climbing Company. This hang-board has a lot of features including just under twice the amount of pockets as the V3, meaning wider and heavier. With texture on the top and bottom of holds this hang board is very invert-able if your fingers ever get bored. Pinches on either end will test your forearms and with their angle pointing inward you could say even more ergonomic (perhaps?). With varying depths of pockets this board will certainly help you get over your plateau and maybe even climb those 5.12s you wish you could lead.

If you want something really nifty, come check out a device called Rock Rings, which are also for working crimps and building finger strength. An interesting benefit in these is that, since they are separate from each other, they work independently, so it forces you to work the arms equally, as opposed to a fixed pull up bar or hang board. Many times, someone training may work one side harder than the other without realizing it, so this handy device helps to keep a fair balance.

Crash Pads:

Get a Black Diamond "Drop Zone" crash pad with a 30% discount off of the marked price. Designed for durability and usability, it's no wonder why "Drop Zone" is Black Diamond's best selling crash pad. Their anti-slide, waterproof material make it exceptionally durable and usable, and its convenient folding design and straps make it easy to transport. Click here for more detailed description:

We also have Metolius "Stomp Crash Pad"s for 25% off. Their light, compact design makes it perfect for cramped road trips, tight spaces, and long hikes. Click for more details:
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