Monday, September 26, 2011

Team Aiguille: Show Us Your Teeth!

by RyAnn Lugo

Everyone please welcome back Team Aiguille, a group of vivacious kids, ages 6-19, and 1st place winners of the SCS Regional Competition last season! Sanctioned by USA Climbing (USAC), these young sprites are training hard for upcoming Florida competitions, like the VAB competition (Oct 1st), and the chance to qualify for Divisional, National, and even World Championships. So, if you notice that the gym is a bit fuller on these nights and there is a strange, powerful energy in the air, that’s just the mighty spirit of Team Aiguille preparing for battle.

The team not only focuses on physical training and fitness, but members also learn new technique, build endurance and strength, as well as self-confidence. Members also learn the invaluable importance of sportsmanship and respect for other competitors.

Aiguille also has a Recreational Team for those climbers who are not interested in competing and just want a fun way to improve their climbing ability! Practices will mimic those of the competitive team, but without the pressure and strict training.

All team practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm – 8:30pm and Saturdays from 9am-11am. Anyone who is interested in trying it out may come in for ONE NIGHT of practice at no cost!

If you have or know someone with a spunky young sprite who wants to have some fun and be a part of a fast growing sport, the team flyers are located at the front of the counter, or you can contact Jessica Jenkins, team coordinator, at:

Go Team Aiguille!
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