Monday, September 26, 2011


by Kayla Baker

Do you ever feel like sometimes there just aren’t enough bouldering routes to satisfy? Do you find yourself creating your own routes, wishing they could somehow become a visible reality? Well then, do we have something for you! Whether you are just starting or if you have been climbing for what seems like your whole life, Setter is something that every climber can use to improve their climbing. It is a website that was made by climbers for climbers to create their own routes and post them so that others can share and send them.

Setter started as an idea by two of our very own Aiguille boulderers, Cody Seibert and Tommy Terrell. They were always creating new routes in the gym, and they wanted a way to share these routes with other climbers. With the help of Guillermo Casanova and a few others, the idea of Setter became a reality by the end of summer of 2011.

Not only is Setter a place where you can set and share new problems, but it also connects you to fellow climbers and puts you right in the middle of an amazing community of people. In doing this, you learn a lot about how other people climb and set.

It has been said by many that the key to getting better at bouldering and reading routes is not just climbing gym routes, but also setting and climbing routes of your own. Doing this forces you to think about every move before you make it and it helps you understand how to position your body and feet according to the move. Setting allows you to tap into your creative mind and understand how to better read routes in general, whether it be for competitions, in a gym, or on real rock. Above all else, it is fun! It is very rewarding to see other climbers send and comment on your routes. The support and critique from others is what really pushes you to become a stronger climber.

Although Setter is very new to us, there will constantly be changes and improvements being made, so keep an eye out! Also, be sure to give your opinions on the "Feedback" page so that Setter can grow to its maximum potential!

To start setting, sharing, and sending, visit!!!
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