Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Meet... Charles Antonio Garcia III

Charlie (Chuckles, Brown Bear, Char-Char) is best known around Aiguille as Asst. Manager, membership coordinator and route setter. However he is best known by his friends as a rock climber, BMXer, surfer and the only person with a Cuban background who cannot actually speak Spanish. When he is able to break away from reading his man bible, GQ, Charlie attends The University of Central Florida where he will be receiving his degree in Finance later this year. When class is not in session his extracurricular focus is on Climbing.

Charlie was first introduced to the climbing community 5 ½ years ago by childhood friend Tommy Terrell at their home gym, On the Edge in Melbourne, FL.
He has climbed and competed all over the nation, indoors and out. Charlie has participated in over 12 rock climbing competitions. At his first ever, he walked away with 2nd place in the Men’s Advanced. More notably, earlier this May, he earned 1st place while representing UCF at the first annual Collegiate Climbing Series National Competition. His first choice for bouldering has remained HP40 in Alabama and his favorite sport climbing spot is The Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Aside from these crags, his passion for climbing has also taken him to Foster Falls, Rocktown, Rocky Mountain Nation Park and all the way to Bishop, CA. He still however prefers lead climbing to any other style.

To enhance his climbing performance, Charlie bases his diet off of pizza and beer, gains motivation from Progression and adoringly studies the climbing technique of his ultimate inspiration, Mark Mercer. “[Mark] shows me what a real climber should look like.” After noticing Charlie’s unmistakable drive for climbing excellence, Mark asked him to join the Aiguille Route Setting Family.
Charlie has been setting at ARCC for 4 years and it continues to be a “fun and challenging” undertaking. His setting resume is composed of over 10 competitions, including ABS and SCS Regionals. He was also the main forerunner for the SCS Divisionals in 2009. Charlie’s favorite aspect of route setting is “getting to play with jugs and forcing people to do sweet moves.” His least favorite, “dealing with Marks unattainable demands and the verbal abuse”.
Charlie is currently planning a trip to Hueco Tanks with long time, drop dead gorgeous, girlfriend Roberta Nogueira. Dream destinations include Majorca, Spain and Magic Wood, Switzerland.

Aiguille Route Setting Blog will periodically be posting bios of individuals from the Aiguille family, including setters, employees and members. Aiguille asst. Manager Tara Ziegler has been kind enough to take on the task of writing these articles.
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  1. I think when he greets customers he has to make the hand glasses for now on.

  2. You forgot Chalupa, Chimichanga, Charmander, Charizard...

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.........ahahahhaahahahahah


  4. So the best part about this is totaly how he actually can not speak spanish although EVERYONE in his family does...amamzing charlie you are one of a kind and def. a great person homie

  5. Tara... nice job with the article!! And thanks for the compliment :)

    Mark, how can you forget "Spanish"? Oh yeah, and great picture taking too!