Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years Resolutions - The Climbing Version

By Aubrey Wingo

Every new year, we struggle to figure out what goals we are planning on setting for ourselves to become better people. Well, have you thought about the goals you plan on taking to become a better climber? I have written this guide in order to help you out in setting your own goals, as well as some reminder goals that all of us should be taking to help in the efforts of climbing education, conservation, and more.

Setting Your Climbing Goals

What grade would you like to see yourself reaching? Whether it be V3 or 5.12, we all have hopes of reaching a certain level in climbing. Or on the other hand, throw the grades out the window. The sky is the limit for some of us!

Do you have any projects you would like to send? Routes come and go in the gym but the world is full of great climbs that you can send. Climbing outside at different locations is great, but the ones you have already been to can still open new doors. Find something in your range and make it a goal to send it by the end of the year.

How are you going to train? Feeling a bit lazy after the holidays? Then get off the couch and start climbing and training! There are plenty of tips from the pros, and here on Aiguille’s blog to get you started. Look into routines that you can do in the gym as well as at home. Hangboards are a great addition to any home to build your strengths any time.

What new climbing endeavor will you take? If you’re a boulderer, try some top rope. Lead climbers, get on a V3. Do you do it all? Start looking into some advanced training and become a well rounded climber with knowledge of anchor systems, self-rescue or whatever you can think of!

Save your money... for climbing! Want to plan a trip? Or maybe you need a new pair of shoes soon. Start thinking about your expenses for the year and start planning on how you are going to afford it. It might be as simple as having a penny jar, to putting a little aside after each paycheck.

Becoming Environmental Conscious

Take efforts in using less chalk. As stated in previous articles, chalk can be an eyesore and we should be using only as much as needed. Make sure to pick up any spilled chalk and brush off anything unsightly, like tick marks.

Be courteous to the land and always Leave No Trace. Make sure to stay on main trails to avoid flora damage and always pick up your trash, or anyone else’s trash. Food leftovers will attract animals that you might not want spotting you. All waste, from humans or pets, should be packed out!

Earning Respect

Only say it if it's respectful. Spraying beta is typically unwelcome and won’t make you look very good. Bragging about your sends makes you sound arrogant and might also make other feel inadequate. On the other hand, being friendly and conversational will welcome new climbers as well as open new dialogs for future climbing friendships.

Be considerate of others while climbing. Make sure that you are always taking turns on the wall, as it is welcome to everyone. You wouldn’t want someone to start climbing on the same wall as you and interrupt your amazing send! And if you are having trouble on a problem for a long period of time, come down and take a break. It might be someone else’s shot.

Offer someone new a spot! Want to help out your fellow climber? It might be as easy as making sure they don’t break their neck! This trust in someone also weighs heavy on your character and will earn you a great amount of respect when a spot is needed.

Good luck in all your goals this year and Happy New Year!

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