Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meet... The Eudy Brothers

By Aubrey Wingo

Alexander and Thomas Huber, Fred and Francois Nicole, Sean and Timmy O’Neill, Glen and Muir Dawson: What do all of these climbers have in common? They are brothers that have accomplished incredible feats in the climbing world. Now, The Crimp Chronicles is proud to introduce Aiguille’s dynamic duo, The Eudy Brothers. Daniel Eudy (22) and Cody Eudy (19) were introduced to rock climbing after moving in together when their friend Danny (Pictured on the right) asked if they wanted to try it out. After a few attendances, it wasn’t long before both of them were jumping into the bouldering scene full force.

Born in Louisana and Texas, Daniel and Cody spent most of their lives raised in Lacey’s Spring, Alabama. Their mom became quite used to the idea of her boys rock climbing because it wasn’t uncommon for them to climb trees when they were younger. Currently, Daniel is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at UCF and wants to eventually run a successful business with his brother, perhaps in the climbing industry as Cody hopes to delve into. Outside of climbing, the brothers share the same passion for video games, specifically Mario Party on Xbox, but also keep busy with bodybuilding, bowling, and volleyball.

Daniel and Cody are more favorable of bouldering verses getting on a rope and both of them describe themselves as having a more dynamic style of climbing, with much to be practiced in technique and footwork. However, Cody has made quite a name for himself when it comes to dynos, having done many of the harder dynos set in the gym. Daniel on the other hand has had to do a bit of catching up after having to recover from a broken leg. But instead of sitting around playing videos game (well, at least all the time), Daniel was always at the gym, belaying his brother, doing hangboard, and even some top rope.

After now climbing for around nine months, the enjoyment of climbing is very similar in both Daniel and Cody’s mind. In any family, especially brother to brother, there is always going to be competition, but the Eudys let this competitive nature motivate them to climb stronger. Daniel’s climbing inspiration is his brother Cody, because “I get so motivated/jealous when he sends a route I haven’t gotten. But other than that, most stories involved Cody... motivating me to progress to the next climbing grade.” Cody uses climbing as “an escape from everything” and a way to “have a good time no matter what”. For Cody, his brother Daniel, as well as his friends, inspire him the most, or just in general when he sees someone nail a move they’ve been working.

So what does the future hold for these boys? Daniel’s dream place to climb is what he calls “the ultimate test in the US”, Yosemite where he plans, with his brother, to create a record ascent. Cody’s goals are a little bit closer to home, being most interested in bouldering at Hueco Tanks in Texas, but also to visit as many different climbing gyms as possible. Having already been bouldering outdoors at Horse Pens 40, and a few other climbing gyms, Cody has been on many more adventures and is excited to take some with his brother soon. Whatever the future may bring, these boys prove that keeping it in the family, mainly climbing, is a huge positive role in their progression. “I enjoy climbing because you get to be competitive with yourself. It’s really awesome to push yourself and send a route you don’t think you can send. You get to see yourself steadily improve... My brother Cody is a huge inspiration to me. He always pushes me to the limit and makes me want to go even further and harder. We motivate each other in every way possible and push each other to go further and transcend our limits. Bottom line, we push each other, whether it be in climbing, training, or life in general.”

Come visit the Eudy Brothers at our next Aiguille After Dark or just around the gym! I guarantee that you’ll have a great bouldering sesh and a lot of fun!
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