Monday, April 2, 2012

A Climber’s Spring Break

By Kayla Baker

Spring Break… a wonderful time for relaxing in the sun, no studying, vacations, and bloody tips. Did I say bloody tips? Oops, I meant to say sketchy falls, cold nights in tents, and long car rides. That’s right; Spring Break means time for another climbing trip!

A couple of weeks ago, a group of local climbers from Aiguille ventured off into the boulders of Horse Pens 40, Alabama to celebrate their spring break with sick sends. “When we arrived in Horse Pens on Friday, it was thankfully much warmer than last time,” wrote Dan Gilardi in his blog. “I was so happy at the prospects of climbing (and sleeping!) in the balmy 50-60 degree March weather

Composing this group of climbers was Natsumi Gunji, Ryan Klein, Zach Lajoie, Christine Perez, Brittany Griffiths, Viet Nguyen, John Pace, Dan Gilardi, Cody Eudy, Chris Fuentes, and Jake Fay. I don’t doubt that there were a few other Aiguille climbers in Horse Pens enjoying their spring break as well.

A few sends for this group were Merlin (V1), Lay It Down (V3), Eight Ball (V2), Cave Traverse (V3), and Bum Boy (V3). Thankfully, since the weather was not too unbearable, night climbing was a must for this trip and some of these problems were resent. This does not go without saying that there were some sketchy moments amongst the sends, and these climbers kept going until they reached success!

To read more about these climbers’ trip to HP40 and for more pictures and videos, you can check out Dan Gilardi’s blog.

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