Monday, March 5, 2012

Off Belay - In Memory of Susan Dean

By Tara Ziegler

Tragically last week Aiguille lost a longtime friend, Susan Eitelman Dean. For those of you who did not know Susan, she was known as 'Sweet Suzie' around the gym and fully lived up to it. She was always making someone smile and never without one herself. Forever a friend to everyone she encountered, and always ready to climb, Susan made the perfect climbing partner. Susan, 32, leaves behind devoted husband Matt Dean and 2 year old son Andrew. To learn more about this amazing woman and the climbing adventures she led check out Meet...Susan Eitelman Dean.

A memorial service is being held in Susan's honor, Wednesday March 7th. For more details visit Susan's Memorial Website.
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  1. Sweet Suzie, you will be forever missed.