Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 CCS Regionals and SCS Local Competitions

By Ryann Lugo

Looking for a chance to test your climbing abilities? On March 31st, we will be hosting two separate climbing competitions: The 4th annual Collegiate Climbing Series Regional Competition and the Sport Climbing Series Local Competition for the 2012 season. We will be closing to the public for these events, but we welcome and encourage spectators until 7pm, when we will resume normal climbing activities. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but join us to see some of the strongest college and youth climbers in the nation! Come on by, and see what all the fuss is about!

How the Competitions Work
The Collegiate Climbing Series (CCS) is a series of indoor climbing competitions, sectioned off into male and female categories. Student representatives, from different colleges in the region, come together to test their top rope, lead, and bouldering abilities against members from other schools. Climbers have four hours to climb as many routes as they choose. The competition is based on difficulty, with the routes having different point values, so the objective is to get the highest points possible. Points are only earned if they have completed the route from start to finish, without falling. If the climber falls, they are lowered off of the route but have the option of reattempt it as many times as they choose. CCS competitions are held within different regions all throughout the nation in preparation and getting hyped to continue on to Nationals.

If you are interested in competing, pre-registration is now open until March 24th, one week before the event, to individual college students or members of a team. If you pre-register, before the 24th, you can get $5 off your registration fee. The registration fee for CCS is $40, plus $5 for non-USAC members. Registration forms are available online and at the front desk. You may also register the morning of the competition, between 9am and 10am. Please make note that registration fees must be paid at the time of registration. Climbing is from 10am – 2pm and awards will be given at about 2:30pm.

Sport Climbing Series (SCS) is a series of top rope and lead climbing competitions, sectioned into five age groups (Junior, Youth A, Youth B, Youth C, and Youth D), and also split into male and female categories. Though SCS mainly focuses on top rope and lead abilities, the competition works the same as CCS, with competitors having four hours to accumulate as many points as possible. Youth competitors must compete in at least two local competitions in order to move on to higher competitions such as Regionals, Divisionals, and Nationals. Pre-registration for this event is also open until March 24th. If you pre-register, before the 24th, you can get $5 off your registration fee. The registration fee for SCS is $35, plus $5 for non-USAC members, and is open from 2pm – 3pm the day of the event. Climbing is from 3pm – 7pm and awards are announced at about 7:30pm.

Aiguille Rock Climbing Center is proud to be hosting these competitions! Good luck to all of the competitors training hard for these events!

One Last Note on USAC Memberships:
If you would like to become a USAC member, competitor memberships are all ONLINE. Competitors have until the Tuesday night immediately following their competition at 11:59pm MST to register for a membership so that scores from that weekend's competition will be counted. As mentioned before, any competitor who has not registered on-line and received a member number PRIOR to the competition will be subject to the $5 non-member fee at each competition.

As of December 12, 2011, every participant must have a new waiver. These are available online at If any participant is under the age of 18, this waiver will need to be completed by a parent and a copy of the drivers license must be provided. Incomplete waivers will not be accepted and the child would not be able to compete. For any questions, contact
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