Monday, March 5, 2012

Gear Geek - Black Diamond ATC XP

The new Black Diamond ATC XP
By Lauren Day

I'm sure everyone has noticed the new Black Diamond ATC XP in the retail area. With its eye catching neon accents it's tough not to. But there is much more to the new and improved device.

When Black Diamond revamped the XP for 2012, they didn't just make it look cool. They made it even more lightweight and functional. The new XP took cues from the ATC Guide in the fact that it has holes cut in the sides to reduce weight. It may not seem like it would do much, but it is noticeably lighter feeling.

Another sweet feature is the brightly colored loop on the device. There are several options to choose from. This cool coloring isn't just for aesthetic purposes though. Have you ever looked down at your gear loops looking for your belay device only to be assaulted by a sea of dull colors? This problem will be no more with the near fluorescence of the loop on the belay device.

Functional and good looking. Is this the new trend in gear? Find the new ATC XP by Black Diamond in our retail area!

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