Monday, February 6, 2012

Gear Geek - February 2012 V3 Hangboard

By Lauren Day

Do you dream of latching your fingers onto that tiny crimp? How about controlling that obnoxious sloper that keeps you from sending that V4? Well, Detroit Rock Climbing Company has made your dreams come true with new hangboard. The V3.

It's compact enough to throw over a door in an apartment or dorm, yet it's so versatile that you'll think you just bought the most versatile hangboard on the market. There are plenty of crimps, slopers, and jugs of all sizes. They feel like they were made for your hands. The texture is awesome! It's what DRCC calls dual textured. This means that the hangboard can be flipped upside down to change it up and get some different holds.

The only problem with this hangboard that I could find is that the holes for attaching it to the wall were too close together to attach it directly to the studs in your house. Unfortunately the screw holes aren't 16" apart.

Despite that problem, this hangboard seems pretty solid! Definitely an indispensable training tool. And it comes is a wide variety of colors! It is available in our retail area here at Aiguille!!
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