Thursday, December 8, 2011

Aiguille After Dark: Holiday Party!

by Kayla Baker

No matter what holiday you celebrate, there is one day that every climber can come together and have a jolly good time…December 23, 2011! This month’s Aiguille after Dark will not only be a night of new routes, turned down lights, and JSHIH’s jammin’ beats, but a Holiday Party that you can’t miss! Holiday decorations will be everywhere you turn, and keep your eye out for Santa coming down the Chimney Wall…I sure hope everyone was good this year…

Aiguille is going to be transformed into a Winter Wonderland filled with climbers of all ages wearing Christmas sweaters of all colors. Bring out that old Rudolph cardigan or your Snowflake wool sweater, and climbing with bells on your shoes is a must. There is no better way to warm your noggin than a fuzzy Santa hat…except for hot chocolate, which Aiguille will be providing with candy canes for all climbers filled with holiday cheer!

What is a holiday party without food? (Not a party at all!) We will also be having a Holiday Themed Bake Off, so make sure you bring a delicious treat with you to put in our bakeoff! There will be labels to write the name of your baked good on, so make sure you come with a catchy title for your food, too!

We cannot wait to see you at Aiguille’s 2011 Holiday Party! Lights go down and JSHIH starts at 8:00pm for all climbers and 11:00pm until midnight for all Aiguille Members. See you at Aiguille! (Or we may just have to stuff your stocking with coal.)
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