Thursday, August 25, 2011

Make a Move

by: Kayla Baker

With summer coming to a close, and fall right around the corner, climbing trips are just moments away from being planned, and I’m sure that none of our climbers want to see any outdoor hot spots get shut down. Thankfully, there is an amazing organization that keeps these outdoor climbing areas open to climbers just like you. The Access Fund supports millions of climbers around the nation by keeping these parts of the United States open, whether it be ice climbing, mountaineering, bouldering, or sport climbing.

As some of you may or may not know, this year is the Access Fund’s 20th anniversary. At the time that the Access Fund was created in 1991, there were only a small amount of activists involved in this group, as well as only a minuscule amount of $10,000 to work with. Twenty years later, the Access Fund has grown to be home to over 10,000 members with a $1 million budget annually!!

I was recently inspired by Aiguille’s very own Climbing Director, Dean Pflaumer, who simply said, “If you are planning on taking an outdoor climbing trip, you need to be part of the Access Fund. They are the reason those spots are open for climbers.” I decided to do a lot more research and I, too, am now a member.

In joining the Access Fund, you get to help yourself and other climbers by keeping the spots that you love and have made unforgettable memories at open, now and for the future. For every dollar that is donated, 84 cents is used specifically for conserving the climbing environment around the nation. Memberships are one year long and start at ONLY $35.00 for the year! If you are feeling generous, for only $15.00 more, the Access Fund will give you your choice of a T-Shirt or Water Bottle.

Think about this...when you go on a climbing trip, what are you paying for? Camping, food, gas...what about the climbing? Well, the climbing is absolutely free for us. By paying $35.00 per YEAR for unlimited climbing, while being able to support the sport that we all love so much, is something that we should all do as climbers.

Aiguille donates to the Access Fund… and if you love climbing as much as we do, so should you. (Visit for more information).
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