Thursday, August 25, 2011

Darkness Falls On Friday

by: Kreg Dobzinkski

The previous Aiguille After Dark was undoubtedly the greatest event the world has ever seen, so now to keep it cool we are going to make it just a bit more difficult to see it. That's right, we are going to turn the lights down low.

The darkness will need to be banished and there will be glow-sticks galore, but you are encouraged to bring your own headlamps and other light emitting devices. Of course, ultimately they will need to be approved for use by a staff member, so leave the quantum laser in the future and the kerosene lamp at grandma's house.

They say when one sense is diminished your others become heightened. This is quite convenient because our own auditory guru, JSHIH, will be dropping beats that now sound that much smoother. Groping through the gloom you may be surprised to find holds in unfamiliar places because there will some new routes up as well, both boulder and top-rope. For those of you pong-junkies - do not despair - the table will be illuminated in the yoga room and ready for a little tournament action.

All proceeds from the pizza being offered will go to benefit the Orlando Optimist Club. This event will be open to all Aiguille climbers from 8:00pm to 11:00pm, but from then until midnight it will be members only. From now on we will be having an After Dark event every last Friday of the month, so mark it on your calendars and be sure to let us know how it’s going and any ideas you may have for upcoming themes.
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