Wednesday, July 27, 2011

JSHIH: jay - shee

By: Kreg Dobzinski

Hey members, we all know how much you love to be in our gym as much and as late as possible, so this time, when 11:00pm comes around on July 29th, there will be no pointed glares, shin attacks from the vacuum cleaner, and nudges toward the door - instead you will be asked to stay and climb, and experience the pleasing beats and melodies emanating from the skillful hands of the man known as JSHIH.

Aiguille After Dark will be almost certainly be one of the best Friday nights of your life. I mean, come on, you are going to get amazingly mixed music, access to some pizza, and climbing into the next day.

I read in a magazine somewhere that your best sending time might just be between 11:00pm and midnight, but you may never know if you don't join us after dark.

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