Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meet... Fuzzy

West Virginian native, Robert “Fuzzy” Frazer has an impressive list of climbing stories, especially if you consider how new he is to the sport.
Although introduced to climbing only 10 months ago, his first experience is one most seasoned climbers only dream of. Fuzzy’s new passion started on Railay Beach Thailand where he top-roped along side a once-in-a-lifetime view. “There are these karst peaks that jut out of the ocean 600’ in the air, and climbing with the ocean at your back above the jungle canopy is sublime.”
A bit of his motivation to try climbing came from climber and photographer, Galen Rowell. “I’d always been an admirer of his photography but his philosophy and climbing were what got me into trying to rock climb before it got too late.”
Also a photographer, Fuzzy credits rock climbing for being a great way to stay in shape and create new friendships. He was actually introduced to Aiguille by a friend over 10 years ago but never had a chance to really experience the facility. Now a member of the gym, he boasts about a great, constantly changing route selection and good climbing partners.

Currently developing attractions for Universal Studios, Fuzzy formerly worked as a rigger and was forced to get accustomed to heights rather quickly. “My first experience at height was in Hamburg, Germany where our tour rigger took me into the ceiling in this beautifully restored theater. Once I got out on the grid 150’ in the air, I’m sure I left finger prints in the steel beams from holding on so tightly.” Preferring top-rope and sport as his favorite methods of climbing, one can assume he eventually became comfortable with his new and rather unique career.
Fuzzy keeps his future goals pretty humble for the most part. He is looking towards the future to improve his overall climbing, learning to read routes better and trying multi-pitch and ice climbing.
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  1. So why is his nickname Fuzzy?

  2. It's short for Fuzzworth, my middle name.

  3. Pictures are awesome. Fuzzy is my hero!

  4. His name is Fuzzy because when he was in school, a kid behind him said the back of his head was fuzzy. NO LIE! :)