Saturday, November 27, 2010

V12 in Florida?

DeadPoint Magazine reports that New Jersey climber Chris Redmond has been establishing a limestone cliff on a beach in South Florida. His sends include One From None (V12), Biggie's 10 (V11), Pipeline (V10) and Joe Green (V9), and is working on a seven move linkup of One From None that may put it in the V13/14 range.
From time to time we hear about someone bouldering on Florida's beach cliffs, but most claim the rock is chossy, breaking every time you get on the wall, and many problems can only be climbed during low-tide. The general consensus is that it isn't even worth the 3-5 hour drive.
Maybe it's a hoax, or maybe it's a new, solid cliff line that could be the start of some incredible bouldering south of Atlanta! We will keep you informed as more details become available.

Check out Deadpoint's original post on the matter HERE.
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  1. no way! bouldering in florida would be sick

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