Friday, September 3, 2010

Tommy's Email


Here is the link to National Geographics piece on the Midnight Lightning:

from this page you can find a video featuring Tommy Caldwell (very nicely done) climbing the boulder problem, as well as the photo synth thing. In my opinion, everyone should know what this climb is. There is a ton of history behind it, as well as some mystery regarding the lightning bolt. Supposedly, it is the most famous boulder problem in the world... I tried it on my trip and got shut down with the feet at the beginning.... next time.

Lastly, here is a quote from John Gills website:

One modern test-piece, Midnight Lightning, was done by Ron Kaukin in 1978. Bachar and Kauk and others worked on this infamous problem for two months : ". . . Yablonski envisioned the line, then rushed over to Bachar and Kauk.. .'I found this new problem, man. It'll go Bachar and Kauk looked at it and shook their heads. . . they started working on the problem and making unexpected progress. . . soon the two were reaching the lip, but having no luck turning it. . . . Finally, on what promised to be another heel bruising day of attempts and failures, Kauk was again at the lip . . . he rocked over his right foot while popping a quick mantle with his left arm. He grabbed the finishing jug and the crowd fell into a shocked silence . . . "
Stone Crusade by John Sherman.

-Tommy Terrell
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