Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Update from Vail

by Mark
This weekend marks the third ever bouldering World Cup held in the USA, which is taking place at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, CO. I have been here since Friday helping set for the climbing portion of The Games. There are actually three separate competitions taking place this weekend, the World Cup, a youth comp, and a citizens comp. The World Cup is being held Friday and Saturday, with qualifiers on Friday and semifinals and finals on Saturday. The youth and citizens portion of the comp is on Sunday.
Here is a lineup of the setters for the competitions.
World Cup:
Manu Hassler, International Chief - from Switzerland
Chris Danielson, USA Chief - sequence forcing extraordinaire/ rep for most hold companies
Scott Mechler - Former head setter for the PCA
Jamie Emerson - Former head setter of The Spot
Mike Helt - Founder of
John Muse, Chief - Owner of Stone Moves in Houston, TX
Shane Messer - Head Setter of Triangle Rock Club
Ryan Sewell, Intern - Former youth competitor and US Team member

Although I can't upload photos of the problems just yet (in case any competitors read this blog), I can tell you that they are phenomenal. It has been an honor setting with and learning from such an experienced crew.
Here are some videos from the past two years...

and from the bouldering World Cup held just last weekend in Vienna...

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