Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interactive Climbing Wall

The iOO CLIMB turns every ordinary climbing wall into an augmented climbing experience. Thousands of boulders and routes can now be saved on a single wall, and browsed and played using a single remote control. Climbers can thus focus on their climbing experience, forgetting numbered stickers and colored stripes. Climbing routes are displayed only where and when it is needed.

Traditional numbered stickers and colored stripes are substituted with simple lines and shaped bull's eyes, providing a clean and intuitive climbing experience: no more numbers and colors to find and count.

Climbers can watch a replay of their climb, correctly juxtapposed on the climbing surface.

Once stored, routes and boulders can be browsed by everyone via remote control, and the absence of physical parts that can be touched, scratched, removed, makes these available for years.

iOO Climb works with any traditional climbing wall, and with holds of every size, shape, color, and design.

Internet Powered
Identical climbing walls can exchange routes and boulders via the internet. With our standard climbing walls there is no need for trained personnel to track new paths, since iOO Climb comes with hundreds of already tracked boulders and routes.

Games for Children
iOO Climb provides specific climbing games for young people, with customizable graphics of animals, toys, and funny symbols. A must for climbing lessons with children.

Front and Rear Projection Setup
iOO Climb works in front projected setups, for traditional already existing climbing walls, and in rear projected setups, with translucent walls, providing the greatest climbing experience.

Thanks Amber for bringing this to our attention!
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  1. Well i've lots of useless ideas (like light up holds) but this actually looks like a cool idea. Wouldn't work as easily on a large wall though.

  2. This would be a lot of fun, but probably not the most practical thing to spend money on. - DanO-

  3. When are we getting this at our gym?