Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nationals Videos and Photos

Daniel Woods sending all the Men's problems:

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  1. The only cool problem was the last one. It's like they set, okay, left right left right, crux, topout.

    What does it mean to the setters if a person flashes all the routes? That they should have harder?

  2. Well #3 was supposed to have a feet-first toe hook on that Teknik fin but Daniel just pulled through it out of sequence.
    And he didn't flash them all. The footage of #4 was actually from after the comp. He didn't send it during his 5 minutes.
    And if the strongest climber flashes all 4, and is the only one to do that then it is a perfect comp. You couldn't get a better result.

  3. whos the cute girl in the last picture