Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Atomik Climbing Holds

This is long overdue, but the route setters at Aiguille would like to voice our appreciation for the donations given to us by Atomik for our last comp The Meltdown.

You have undoubtedly seen the enormous green tufas in the lead area, which were used for the Men's Final #3. Also, both Men's and Women's #1 were set entirely with Atomik holds.

The company hooked us up with hundreds of dollars worth of holds, as well as many sets to raffle away to competitors. It is companies like Atomik that allow us to put on events such as the Meltdown, proving they care about our sport and its growth.

If you have a home wall we encourage you to support companies like Atomik by purchasing their products.
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  1. I agree go buy Atomik holds! Most comfortable jugs I've climbed on, and some sweet shapes.

  2. How do you guys like the volume? (the red one) Is it working well?