Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Urban Climber 34

Here's an online version of the cover feature on gyms and the future of indoor climbing.

This is the first time an indoor climbing photo has made the cover of ANY climbing magazine EVER. History in the making!
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  1. USA Climbing's little annual mag doesn't count.

  2. '“Every gym out there is under threat,” he says, adding, “We opened our third gym a mile from a smaller, older one, forcing it to close.” (tick..tick..)

    "With bigger, pricier gyms come more business-savvy investors and operators, maybe even folks from outside the climbing industry altogether."

    "Cutting edge gyms today are building large, flat climbing surfaces and wide-open angles.
    This emphasis in setting springs from a mantra repeated by many of today’s gym owners: routes are a gym’s product — set bad routes, and your business will suffer." (keep up the good work Aiguille)