Friday, November 6, 2009

Vertical Ventures ABS comp video

Check out this sweet video shot by Chris Brown of Vertical Ventures from their Halloween ABS comp held last weekend.


Men's Open: 1st, Mark Mercer; 2nd, Ben Hoberg; 3rd, Artie Littlefield

Men's Advanced: 1st, Louie Talacay; 2nd, Aaron Scott; 3rd, Kevin Boyko

Men's Intermediate: 1st, Tony Milanes; 2nd, Constantine Liebman; 3rd, Stuart Knight

Men's Recreational: 1st, Jeffrey Lorch; 2nd, Will Geer; 3rd, Pierre Green

MYA: 1st, Chris Coble; 2nd, Cole Alcock; 3rd, Calvin Montgomery

MYB: 1st, Davis Stewart; 2nd, Chris Graves; 3rd, Chris Gosselin

MYC: 1st, Jackson Clemmer

MYD: 1st, Ben Barton; 2nd, David Whitford

Women's Advanced: 1st, Anastasia Zolotukhin

Women's Intermediate: 1st, Jill Bosack; 2nd, Chelsea Coats; 3rd, Jessica Silva

Women's Recreational: 1st, Phuong Duong

FYA: 1st, Cassidy Clemmer; 2nd, Sapna Desai

FYB: 1st, Kasha Killingsworth; 2nd, Eva Baker

FYC: 1st, Caroline Julian

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  1. wow... what a great video!! can you post the winners from each category? (congrats, btw :) )

  2. Winners from each category can be seen here: