Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Gun Show

On November 14th On The Edge in Melbourne held a local ABS competition called The Gun Show, and Aiguille climbers brought their guns!


Men's Open: 1st, Mark Mercer; 2nd, Craig McKinnon; 3rd, Ben Hoberg

Men's Advanced: 1st, Justin Heiser; 2nd, Jonathan Putman; 3rd, Jason Williams

Men's Intermediate: 1st, Stu Knight; 2nd, George Stewart; 3rd, Alex Mclaughlin

Men's Recreational: 1st, Jeffrey Lorch; 2nd, Daniel Connell; 3rd, Hunter Kendrick

MYA: 1st, Chris Coble; 2nd, Cole Alcock; 3rd, Adam Fox

MYB: 1st, David Eisenstadt; 2nd, Davis Stewart; 3rd, Chris Graves

MYC: 1st, Jackson Clemmer; 2nd, Peter Steffey; 3rd, Jacob Miler

MYD: 1st, Bobby Taft-Pitman; 2nd, Noah Carro; 3rd, Connor Zabrecky

Women's Open: 1st, Michelle Schrader; 2nd, Chelsea Coats

Women's Advanced: 1st, Bettina Agustin; 2nd, Aubrey Wingo

Women's Intermediate: 1st, Jeni Collins; 2nd, Carrie Hollingsworth; 3rd, Libbi Gilson

Women's Recreational: 1st, Kaley Lorch

FYA: 1st, Anastasia Zolotukhin; 2nd,Ashley Norton; 3rd, Sepna Desai

FYB: 1st, Kasha Killingsworth; 2nd, Kalyn Bender; 3rd, Rachel Carr

FYC: 1st, Georgia Reis

The Aiguille Crew would like to thank On The Edge for hosting an excellent comp with great routesetting and a tremendous atmosphere.
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  1. more pictures!

    and well done to all aiguille climbers, way to represent