Monday, November 16, 2009

Climbing the Dream Bouldering Comp

Two Fridays ago marked the first annual Climbing the Dream Bouldering Comp held on a home wall inside a house rented by few UCF climbers. CDBC head routesetter Doug Lutz put up some very interesting problems, forcing intricate sequences on the 7x7 ft wall. Climbers had 10 tries to finish as many of the 7 problems as possible. These problems were hard! Overall winner Charlie Garcia only finished 4. Doug speculates the problems ranged from V1 to V13.
Thanks Sam Douglas for the photos.


1st Charlie Garcia
2nd Joey Hannes
3rd Nick Douso

1st Caroline Berkey
2nd Kara Dean
3rd Vicky Sinnott

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  1. Great time loved it. to bad i came to late to climb.

  2. i make and sell homemade chalkbags! watch them! :)