Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bjoeks Klimcentrum

Located in Groningen, Netherlands, Bjoeks Klimcentrum has one of the most interesting climbing walls ever built...

This massive freestanding structure is 37m(120ft) tall, and features routes from slab to overhung on all sides! It was built around 2004 as a place for the native flatlanders to climb. And man does it simulate sketchy outdoor climbing! Just think of the expose a climber gets towards the top of this thing.
In addition to "the Excalibur Tower" as they call it, the facility holds a full indoor gym and 8 outdoor freestanding concrete boulders which house 200 boulder problems ranging from V0 all the way up to unsent projects.
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  1. i know where i'm going if i ever make it to europe...even if it is artificial


  2. makes my palms sweat in excitement just looking at theses pictures.